Projects at Maitland & Beyond Family History Inc

Historical Mapping Project and Land Research.

Want to Know where your ancestors lived or who lived in your street all those years ago?
Through a project overlaying maps, plans and surveyor sketches over Google Earth brings the past to life.
Using land records, rate books, maps, surveyor records & crown plans see who owned land long ago. Where those old names of properties were or where your Great, Great Grandparents house actually was, or where your convict ancestor was assigned.


Sandy Hollow West Maitland History Research Services

Database and Catalogue

Over the years material such as Electoral Rolls, Parish registers, Rate Books just to mention a few have been transcribed and indexed. The Society is developing a database where members and visitors can search for a name or place and know where those records can be found at the Barracks.

Early Electoral Rolls

Maitland & Beyond Family History are transcribing the early and hard to find Electoral Rolls for Maitland and the surrounding areas. These are being added to our Database. They show where your ancestor lived, where they owned land and what the property was named and using our Historical Mapping Project be able to locate where it was.