Maitland Pioneer Register Vol 1 $30.00 including postage (emailed $17.50)
Maitland Pioneer Register Vol 2 $30.00 including postage (emailed $17.50)
Pure Merinos and Others : The “Shipping Lists” of The Australian Agricultural Company $30.00 + postage

We have local cemetery books for sale.

Campbells Hill Anglican $15.00 + postage (803g)
Campbells Hill Catholic $15.00 + postage (680g)

Subject to pricing and availability:

  • East Maitland Cemetery, Small Sections, Headstone Inscriptions
  • Rutherford Methodist Cemetery, Headstone Transcriptions
  • St Mary’s Church, Maitland, Columbariums
  • Maitland District Columbariums
  • Hiland Crescent Cemetery, Headstone Transcriptions
  • Oswald Lane Methodist Cemetery, Lochinvar, Headstone Transcriptions
  • Booral Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions
  • St Barnabas Church of England Cemetery, Booral, Headstone Transcriptions 2nd edition
  • Karuah Cemetery, Headstone  Transcriptions & Columbarium Wall
  • Seaham Cemetery, Headstone Transcriptions 2nd edition
  • Quartpot (Munni) Cemetery, Headstone Transcriptions, 2nd edition
  • Oakhampton Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions
  • Lochinvar District Cemeteries, Headstone Inscriptions – St Patrick’s Catholic Lochinvar, All Saints’ Anglican Lochinvar, Oswald Lane Methodist
  • Rothbury Anglican Cemetery, Wilderness Road, Headstone Inscriptions
  • Rothbury Anglican Cemetery, Wilderness Road, Headstone Inscriptions, 2nd edition
  • Melbury Cemetery, Salisbury, Headstone Transcriptions
  • Giant Creek, near Sandy Hollow, St John’s Anglican Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions
  • Dungog Shire Cemeteries, Headstone Inscriptions, Volume 1 – Bandon Grove, Bendolba, Glen William, Melbury, Quart Pot, St Matthew’s Church (Salisbury), Thalaba
  • Bandon Grove Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions 2nd edition
  • St John’s Church Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions 2nd edition
  • Glen William, St Thomas’ Church Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions 2nd edition
  • St Mary-On-Allyn Cemetery, Allynbrook, Headstone Inscriptions
  • St Peter’s Church Cemetery, Bendolba, Headstone Inscriptions 2nd edition
  • Thalaba Baptist Cemetery, Headstone Inscriptions & Columbarium Wall, 2nd edition
  • Kurri Kurri District Cemetery, Volume 1, Headstone Inscriptions & Plaques – Congregatioinal, General, Lawn Cemetery, Memorial Walls, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist
  • Maitland District Cemeteries, Headstone Inscriptions, Volume 2 – Hiland Crescent, Maitland Jewish
  • Maitland District Cemeteries, Headstone Inscriptions, Volume 1 – Bishops Bridge, Oakhampton, Oswald, Rutherford
  • Gresford, Jupp’s Cemetery, Headsone Transcriptions, October 2001
  • Glenmore Peacock Hill Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions
  • Belford Cemetery, Headstone Transcriptions
  • St Andrew’s Anglican Church,  Bridgeman, Headstone Inscriptions
  • Birubi Point Cemetery, Anna Bay, Headstone Transcriptions
  • Belgrave Cemetery, Headstone Transcriptions
  • Maitland District Cemeteries, Headstone Inscriptions, Volume 3
  • East Maitland Methodist Cemetery
  • Columbarium Walls & Plaques of Kurri Kurri & Weston – St Paul’s Anglican Church (Kurri Kurri), Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Kurri Kurri), St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church (Weston), Kurri Kurri Cemetery Columbarium Walls, Kurri Kurri Cemetery Lawn Plaques, Kurri Kurri Cemetery Garden Plaques, Kurri Kurri Bowling Club
  • Kurri Kurri Cemetery, Volume 4, Catholic Sections, Headstone Transcriptions
  • Kurri Kurri Cemetery, Methodist & Presbyterian Sections, Headstone Transcriptions


Local headstone photos available $5.00 (digital)

All the Cemetery Books are also available in digital format via email or USB.  Additional charges via USB by post will apply.